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Write to Jaxton!
Connie Sievers June 3, 2016
Baby Angel Friends...
Even though I didnt know you, I share something in common with your mommy.  My baby Gavin became an angel just recently.  He's new to his wings so if you could show him the ropes up there that would be great.  i know with you both watching over us, we are safe.  We love and miss you both dearly so feel free to let us know you are close everyday.  We love you and thank you for looking after Gavin.  He also has a twin brother named Jaxon - very similar to your name.  He also missed Gavin but knowing he has other angel friends helps Jaxon feel safe as he knows Gavin is ok too. please give him a big hug from us -
Jessica Gomke May 23, 2013
Angel friends...
Hi precious boy...I heard from your daddy today.  He told me about you.  My baby boy John Donald became an angel a few months after you got your angel wings..he got his on January 6, 2010.  I bet you met him at the pearly gates & you & him became instant friends! I know you are growing so quickly.  I imagin you two are up there being silly boys, getting dirty, playing with trucks, having an amazing time & watching over us here on earth.  We cannot wait to see you again someday.  I know your mommy & daddy miss you & love you as much as we love & miss our John. Hugs to you boys...
Dan Plathe July 12, 2010
Hey baby boy.. been thinking about you a lot today... sure do miss you. How big would you be now? You'd be walking and talking... and we would be having so much more fun this Summer w/ you with us. Keep watching over your momma and baby bro!! He will be born in less than 3 months now... I love you, and miss you like crazy!  Daddy

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