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I remember leaving the room and putting the baby monitor on a few times so I could "spy" on Gage spending time with Jaxton. Like me he can't ever remember lyrics to songs, he would sing christmas songs to Jaxton in April and May just like I would. Still makes me smile, thinking about what a great big brother he was. Always asking to change his diaper or just begging to hold him, Gage would alway say "you never want to share Jaxton, he is our baby too": )
Baby Jaxton, how I miss you. I remember laying next to you the first time I heard you laugh out loud. You were sleeping peacefully and out of no where I heard your first baby laugh, it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. You were the happiest baby, even in your sleep! I hope you are laughing now in heaven .. Love you so much ...
John (Jack) Nish

I remember having Dan place him in my arms on his first day at hospital...


I remember Misty hugging me and telling me she had named Jaxton after me and I was so surprised and pleased to have such an honor.  Jaxton was a very special baby and never cried in his 5 months when I held him.


I loved him and still love his mommie, daddy and Gage who are also special.



Margie (Nana) Nish

I will always remember the last weekend Misty and Dan and Jaxton came to Osceola, Sunday morning Dan ran in with him in his arms and said I had a little visitor for a bit.  Jaxton of course smiled at me and we sat rocking and talking to each other for our visit.  I loved him so much and will ALWAYS miss him. 

I remember our family reunion at our place and everyone commented on how much Misty and Dan and Gage adored Jaxton and that Jaxton was a special baby to love.  Never cried unless he was hungry, just gave out love to all of us. 

The Cook Family
Jaxton was one of the most Beautiful babies I have ever seen.  I only got the chance to hold him one time but the little smile he had will forever be kept in my thoughts!  Dan your excitement and the smile that constantly was upon your face the first time I seen you when Jaxton arrived showed just how in love you were with Jaxton!  I know this is a memory page but once again as I am sure everyone has told you we are here for you guys.  We love you, think of you, and pray for you every day. 
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